It's a bad day, not a bad life!

cheer up

It's a bad day, not a bad life!

What would you rather have : constant dark moodiness or a sunny capacity for joy? Think before you answer. What? Can’t hear you. Speak up. Say it loud and clear! A capacity for joy? Excellent!

You’ve made the right choice, dear friend. A study reveals that dark moods release cortisol in the brain. And cortisol blinds the mind to anything good or positive. You find yourself harping on crooks, corruption, lousy events, lousier people until you’ve worked yourself into a state of intense anger, fear, insecurity. This lowers your threshold for pain, weakens your digestive powers, immune system and creates doorways to diseases.

Thankfully, studies also reveal that happy thoughts lower cortisol and stimulate serotonin. Serotonin creates a wonderful sense of balance, optimism, serenity. When overcome by the Great Serotonin Effect, you feel something good is going to happen that day. And everything that happens that day is good, or appears so.

Twenty minutes

To dispel moodiness and be bathed in tranquil joy, spend 20 minutes daily with wise, positive, loving words. Whatever your doubts, hesitation, lack of confidence, just adhere to this simple practice. For example, read and revel in: “If you feel your problems are as big as a ship, never forget that your blessings are as big as the ocean.”

Problems dissolve in this new perspective and you float in life’s calm waters. Another shining pearl: “Don’t be afraid to take an unfamiliar path. Sometimes, they are the ones that take you to the best places.”

Tremors vanish. A new courage sets in. Call it the law of the universe or physics, but when you reach out to positivity, a boomerang kind of force brings small, significant, synchronistic events that make everyday life pleasantly easy.

Live with intention

Intention directs our energy. Be very firm that you will always be even-tempered. Direct your mind to live in wellness. Encourage it to laugh at life’s absurdities. Invite it to play with abandon at a game, puzzle, sport. Enrol it in exploring, learning, gaining insights. Allow it to partner with your heart and choose without regret or fear of losing out. Open it out to appreciate the goodness in all and accept imperfections too. Remind it continually to practise benevolence – a beautiful blend of goodwill, well-meaning, kindness.

Do rhythmic exercises

Let your mind extend its kinship to the body by ridding itself of thoughts simmering with resentment, rage, jealousy, greed which wound the body. In turn, lead the body through rhythmic movements like stationary cycling, dancing, walking. Offer the mind a greater canvas to explore and express its potential. As neurologist Dr Ronald Laurence says, “Rhythmic exercise allows the mind to wander, fantasise and enter a tranquil state of clarity and uncluttered thinking.” And, of course, exercise releases feel-good endorphins.
Day after day, choose to be happy, choose a good mood, choose serene joy... Fill your brain’s hippocampus with new, sweet, sunny memories. Tip: A deficiency of vitamin B12 and D3 could cause moroseness, negativity where you become a real downer for those around you. Check with your doctor.

Finally, put up your feet, rest back and mind, breathe out tensions and relax: It’s only a rough day, not a bad life.

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