Powerful emotions on stage

Powerful emotions on stage

The double bill performance by Compagnie Marie Chouinard dance troupe from Canada, held as part of the ‘Attakkalari India Biennial 2017’, left those in the audience yearning for more.

What stood out during the show were the swift and precise movements of the dancers. The show was a neat blend of emotion, energy and entertainment. It was structured in two parts. The first one was titled ‘24 Preludes’ by Chopin and the second was ‘The Rite of Spring Ensemble’. Both the performances were unique in structure and form.

In ‘24 Preludes’, the dancers constructed dynamic alternations that were in tune with the music. The feelings it evoked ranged from chastity and passion to introspection and rebellion. The dancers spilt themselves in solos, duets, trio and group movements, to showcase the power of motion and depth of emotion.

Johnathan James, an expatriate from New Zealand, who witnessed the performance, said, “There’s so much energy and movement on stage. Every dancer has a definite role and part to play in weaving the piece together. I liked the way the lights were being altered according to the change of emotion and movement. It was a visually thrilling experience.”

In the second performance, ‘The Rite of Spring Ensemble’, choreographer Marie Chouinard explored a new world. The dancers showcased how the force of music inspires and energises them to form an echo and musical counterpoint of an organic, vigorous and vivid movement. Marie said that she constructed the piece around solos, seeking to awaken in strong, clear movements, the intimate mystery of each dancer . “It is as if I were dealing with the very moment after life first appeared. The performance is the unfolding of that moment,” said Marie.

In the second performance, it seemed as if the dancers themselves had undergone a transformation of sorts. Leanna D’ Cruz, a member of the audience, felt that the two performances showcased the rich repertoire of the dancers. “It’s not everyday that one gets to see such performances. This piece was a total contrast to the first one which was at a slower pace.

The energy and strong facial movements and expressions suddenly seemed to have doubled in the second part,” said Leanna.

Sangeetha Rajendran, a student of dance, thoroughly enjoyed the show. She said, “You understand how body and mind can be brought together to depict very strong emotions. The dancers performed very powerful movements on stage which requires long hours of practice and an in-depth knowledge of the subject at hand.”

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