Education the only way to improve overall development: minister

Education the only way to improve overall development: minister

Medical Education Minister Dr Sharanaparakash Rudrappa Patil said the increasing manpower is considered as liability, however the liability should be converted in to strength.

After inaugurating the pre-conference workshop of Physiocon-2017 organised by School of Allied Health Sciences (SOAHS), Manipal University, the minister said education is the only way to improve the overall development.

He said the lack of resources required in reestablishing the industries can be overcome by strengthening the man power. The man power should be trained and through them the skill-based education should be imparted. To offer comprehensive health care facilities, the role of allied health sciences is very important. He said a physiotherapy college will be set up in Sanjay Gandhi Medical Health Sciences in Bengaluru.

The state has the legacy of setting up of health care institutions in the private sector long back. There is lot of scope and opportunities in state. The government is extending support in all possible ways.

Later speaking to the reporters, he declined to comment over compulsory rural service act as the issue is in the court to vacate the stay order. He said NEET has brought in more transparency. However, it will affect the AYUSH aspirants. A meeting is held on Wednesday to discuss the fee structure in the government medical colleges, he said.

The minister said that the diary controversy created by BJP is politically motivated. The controversy has been created as the elections are nearing. Bringing up the Sahara and Birla dairies case, he said the prime minister is involved in scam as per the revelations from the diaries.

Let the opposition come up with concrete evidences. He asked why is Sahara and Birla diaries is different from the IT diary. He said the BJP is into advertisement with false assurances.

The Congress has the working culture. Congress government has better reputation than the earlier government and BJP has no moral right to point at Congress. He declined to comment on the cabinet reshuffle and said it is the prerogative of the chief minister.