'I have a comedian in me'

'I have a comedian in me'

Candid chat

'I have a comedian in me'
Actor Dhananjaya is on cloud nine. With back-to-back releases, this young star has everything falling in place for him and is keeping his fingers crossed that this lucky streak continues.

His latest project, ‘Eradane Sala’, in which he essays an interesting role, will hit the screens today. In a chat with Tini Sara Anien, he sheds light on the film and his role in it.

You have had a busy year so far. How does it feel?
I am more than excited. ‘Allama’ opened to a great response; everyone liked the movie. Also, it will release in USA and Canada — my first film to release overseas. Coming to ‘Eradane Sala’, the trailer has been trending on YouTube and has received a good response. This is a great start.

How did ‘Eradane Sala’ come your way?
The project is by Guruprasad and I hold him in high regard. My first film, ‘Director’s Special’, was with him. Guruprasad knows how I am as an actor and he developed a script that will bring out the best in me. He works in a distinct style and takes a lot of time to put the script together — I actually heard the script three years back.  

Tell us a bit about your role in the film...
I play Dhanu, a casanova and a very peculiar character. The movie has its share of jokes and fun but some serious issues are also being addressed in it. I found essaying the role to be a unique experience. The movie is based on a contemporary subject yet holds family values close to heart. It will connect with families and appeal to the masses.

You’ve acted in an action movie, a history-based project and so on. Which is your favourite genre?
I have been lucky that way; I have had a chance to act in different projects. ‘Eradane Sala’ is a fun project and it has worked well for me; I love working in mass entertainers. I have a comedian in me. People close to me know that I am a humourous person.

What challenges did you face while shooting for this movie?
I wear sunglasses throughout the movie. This was challenging as I had to express my emotions without my eyes being seen. I had to work a lot on my body language and use that as a medium to portray the character’s feelings.

Are you a romantic person?
(Smiles) Very. I’m a romantic person and I love working in romantic movies. In this movie, I’ve been able to explore the mildly wild side of things. I was very comfortable playing a flirt onscreen.

What else is there in the pipeline?
‘Happy New Year’, a feel-good film by Pannaga Bharana that will release next month. I’m shooting for ‘Taguru’ now, where I play a negative role opposite Shivarajkumar. All in all, this looks like a very exciting year ahead.