Mahila Congress protests against hike in LPG cylinder price in Udupi

Mahila Congress protests against hike in LPG cylinder price in Udupi

Mahila Congress protests against hike in LPG cylinder price in Udupi

The District Mahila Congress Committee members staged a protest at Clock Tower against increase in the price of domestic and commercial LPG cylinders and condemned the decision of Narendra Modi-led BJP government for creating misery in women’s lives.

The protesters displayed an LPG cylinder and a stove on one side and a traditional wood stove with cooking utensils on the other side to criticise the Union government’s decision.

Committee president Veronica Cornelio said the women cadre in BJP should start protesting against their own government for making the lives of women miserable by hiking the price of LPG cylinders.

When UPA increased the price of LPG cylinders by just Rs 5, the BJP members came to the streets to express their fury. Despite their government hiking the price for not less than 50 to 85 every time, they are mum over the issue, she criticised.

Ridiculing the LPG subsidy programme, Veronica said she rarely received the full amount as assured. Modi, who has come to power by giving flase  promises, has continued his false agenda.

She also said that women have been cursing the government for the demonetisation. The problem is not solved even after three months and said women will express their anguish against the BJP government in the next election, she added.

Party leader Jyothi Hebbar said she said the assurance of Acche Din is an illusion. The government is yet to experience the brunt of people’s anger. BJP has lost morality and has no respect for women. After demonetisation, the employment rate has drastically decreased and labourers have been finding it hard to earn their livelihood, she claimed. She termed the Centre’s recent clain on GDP fake.

She said the BJP, which is playing with the sentiments of people in the name of religion, has been working on propaganda to mesmerise the public to gain votes. MP Shobha Karandlaje is least worried about the district and she rarely visits the district, Jyothi charged.