Go on a royal sojourn

Go on a royal sojourn

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Go on a royal sojourn

The Great Biryani Festival’ at Indian Kitchen is all set to start from March 6. It will be held till March 20 at the MG Road and Orion Mall outlets.

‘Biryani’, for the longest time in culinary history has been one of the most popular dish. The spicy rice dish, with its origin rooting back to the rich gastronomical history of the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent, holds a special place among food lovers today.

Indian Kitchen at MG Road and Orion Mall will bring the flavours of biryani from different parts of India at the ‘Biryani Festival’.

The festival will be on from 12 noon to 3 pm and  7 pm to 1 am.

One can choose from an array of specialities like ‘Kachi Gosht ki Biryani’ (Hyderabad), ‘Chettinad Murgh Biryani’ (Chennai), ‘Sea Food Biryani’ (Mangalore), ‘Goan Fish Biryani’ (Goa) and ‘Egg Biryani’ (Kolkata). 

Vegetarians can look forward to those ranging from ‘Tarkari Biryani’ to ‘Kathal ki Biryani’ (Jackfruit).

‘Indian Kitchen’ is located at Oak Shot Palace, Near Barton Centre, MG Road and Orion Mall, Malleshwaram.

For reservations, call 2559 8995.