Translate knowledge into societal development, graduates told

Translate knowledge into societal development, graduates told

Translate knowledge into societal development, graduates told
Indian National Science Academy president and chairman of Nano Science Advisory Group, Nanomission, Prof Ajay K Sood on Friday said the interdisciplinarity in disciplines of science, humanities, commerce, management and education is the key mantra to make a mark in today’s world.

Delivering convocation address at the 35th annual convocation of Mangalore University here on Friday, he said the interdisciplinary research will usher in the convergence of different fields in a meaningful way. It also helps one to ask interesting questions, leading to exciting research problems and solutions, he added.

Prof Sood said India is on a high slope of growth and respectability in the world and expressed concern that the country is passing through a critical phase of quality of education. Today, the world is looking at India with admiration and expectations that will contribute in solving global, issues plaguing mankind, such as clean energy, water remediation, clean environment and sustainable growth, he said.

He urged the graduates to push the frontiers of knowledge and translate the knowledge into societal development. “Creativity should become part of your DNA,” he told the students.

Prof Sood said technology is changing much faster for the younger generation than ever before. It is a wonderful time for the younger generation to be a part of the exciting period of science and technology, he added and called upon the students to contribute to the scientific, technological and societal challengers of the future.

Congratulating the degree recipients, he said the degree has given the students a passport to a new life, new respect, prosperity to the family and country. Honoris Causa was conferred on folklorist B A Viveka Rai by Minister for Higher Education Basavaraj Rayareddi on the occasion.

Receiving the honorary degree, Dr Rai said, “Mangalore University has moulded my personality and helped in the growth of my career for 34 years. It has given me strength. It is a great honour to receive honorary degree. After 11 years of my retirement, I am receiving a degree along with youngsters.”

He said the campus of the university should keep a distance from political parties. “One need to learn to live in a community where the principles of secularism and social aspects are given utmost important.” Vice chancellor K Byrappa was present.