A sizzling roadie romance

A sizzling roadie romance

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A sizzling roadie romance

Kaal (1/4kg) Kg Preethi
Kannada (U)   ***
Cast: Vihan Gowda, Hitha Chandrashekar
Director: Satya Shaurya Sagar

Assistant director Satya Shaurya Sagar makes his directorial debut with the delightful Kaal kg Preethi. 

Staying true to the tagline — “the craziest of unbalanced pair” — the film brings before audiences two combustible lovers. The couple hit the road and their banter and friendly ripostes make for a jolly, yet thought-provoking, jaunt.

Hitha Chandrashekar, the daughter of Sihi Kahi Chandru, makes a magnetic debut with Vihan Gowda.

The short and sweet Kaal kg Preethi shows how experimental cinema by aspiring debutants is providing new directions to Sandalwood marquee. These brave breed of filmmakers push the envelope to bring films that capture today’s urban youth with microscopic accuracy. After a floundering and staple start, Kaal kg Preethi engages you as the proceedings hit the highway and Guru and Sri size up playing smart with each other.

Unable to declare his love for Sri, Guru grabs the opportunity of ferrying her home to Neralakatte village in Kundapura, during which the mushy drama unfolds.

As Shivakumar captures the verdant beauty of the terrain and Chetan Sosca provides soulful scores, Kaal kg Preethi sizzles with just two characters.