'Satyadev IPS' has a quiet run in city

'Satyadev IPS' has a quiet run in city

Dubbed Kannada film row

Satyadev IPS, a film dubbed into Kannada from Tamil, is running quitely in the city though some Kannada organisations have forced exhibitors to suspend its screening in other parts of the state.

The film is being screened at Suchitra theatre on K S Rao Road here, albeit to a lukewarm response with only a handful of viewers watching the film in the last two days. The film, originally made in Tamil as Yennai Arindhaal in 2015, has Ajit, Trisha and Anushka Shetty in the starcast and was released on here on Friday.

When DH made a reality check on Saturday, the second day after its release, even as the morning show was on, a theatre employee, preferring anonymity, said, “There may be about less than 10 people watching the movie in the morning show. The theatre has a seating capacity of 907, including 301 in lower class.”

While on the first day, about 40 people watched the film in three shows as the morning show drew a blank. Among them, most were mass audience occupying lower class, for some of whom it’s just a timepass irrespective of language. There is no sight of class audience, who prefer balcony, he added.

Theatre manager Ravi said, “Even some movie buffs who watched the movie were heard saying that they realised only later that they had watched the movie in Tamil. It’s usually a dull day on Saturday and the rushes are expected to pick up from Sunday,” he said  in a confident tone.

However, he did not forget to make a mention of avid fans of other language films here, who may have watched  the in original. It is also one of the reasons why the dubbed version in Kannada has not much takers, he said.

Original in Platinum
Another prominent exhibitor Ashok Kumar, who was previously running Platinum theatre (which stopped screening from January 1), on Falnir Road, on lease basis, also echoed a similar opinion. The original Tamil film had a successful run for two to three weeks in Platinum and multiplexes too, he recalled.

Most importantly, it is also the trend that decides the fate of the movie, with films made in Kannada losing sheen in recent years. Barring the films starring Puneeth Rajkumar, Darshan, Sudeep and Yash to name a few stars who command a good market in Mangaluru region, one cannot be sure of attracting fans to the theatres in case of other actors’ films in Kannada, irrespective of single screen or multiplexes.

The situation is such that, the films of these stars thad had proven a crowdpuller even in second and third run (released in other theaters a few months after statewide release) two years ago, have been proving a loser nowadays.