Nine arrested for murdering rowdy

Nine arrested for murdering rowdy

Nine arrested for murdering rowdy

The police have arrested nine persons in connection with the murder of a youth in Basaveshwaranagar on Wednesday. 

The suspects are Nagaraj alias Spot Naga (26), Khadar (28), both residents of Kamalanagar; Ramesh (25), Kumar (34), both from Yeshwanthpur; Nandish (19) from Machohalli; Vinay (21), Gururaj (24), Umesh Khan (23) from Laggere and a 17-year-old boy. The police have seized two lethal weapons used for the murder from them.

“Sunil (25), an accused in two cases, including an attempt-to-murder case, was hacked to death just about two weeks after he was released from jail. Nagaraj, the prime suspect, and eight of his associates were involved in Sunil’s murder over an old rivalry,” Malini Krishnamurthy, Additional Commissioner of Police (West) told reporters.

Sunil and his associates had attempted to murder Nagaraj about a year ago over a land dispute. Moreover, Nagaraj suspected that Sunil was providing information about the former to the police. Hence, he plotted Sunil’s murder.

Vinay, one of the suspects, overheard Sunil’s plan to murder Nagaraj at a bar in Basaveshwaranagar on the night of March 7. He informed Nagaraj about Sunil’s conspiracy. Nagaraj plotted the murder and directed his associates to murder Sunil the next morning, said the police.

Vinay, who was known to Sunil, went to the latter’s house on the pretext of discussing something and took him to an open ground around 8.39 am. As per the plan, four men chased him brandishing lethal weapons. Sunil ran into a house to survive the bid. Three other suspects, who were in different locations in the area, provided the assailants information about the house in which Sunil was hiding.

The assailants broke open the door, dragged Sunil outside and hacked him to death. Sunil’s mother and grandfather had also sustained injuries in the attack when they tried to rescue him, said the police.