Wise parenting is balancing Yin and Yang

 In the icon of Ardhanarishwara, you will find half Shiva and half Parvati. Shiva symbolising the male energy in us while Parvati represents the female energy.
Male Energy-Shiva represents Creativity.

Female Energy-Parvati represents deep Acceptance.

We are born from a man and a woman. Therefore, each individual has male and female energies. If the male and female energies (the Shiva and Parvati) are balanced, then such a person is Ardhanarishwara or a total individual. Now, wise-parenting involves balancing the male and female energy - the 'Yin' and the 'Yang'.

Babies learn to walk only by stumbling.

Empower your child to deeply accept facts of life.I am talking of the energy field and not of the physical being. A woman with more of female energy could be more receptive. Thus, wise parenting involves the balancing of these two energies in the child. Make the child creative and at the same time make the child deeply accept certain facts of life.
If creativity and deep acceptance are balanced, then the Shiva and the Parvati in us get synchronised and thereby create an ecological balance.

Friends, if you closely observe, you are constantly at war with the external world because there is an internal war within us. We thereby disturb the external ecology because our internal ecology is disturbed. This internal war is because of an internal imbalance in the energy fields - Shiva and Parvati - Creativity and Acceptance. If you find a child always accepting and not being creative, you will find that child has a lethargic approach towards life.

If you find a child is always adventurous, always trying to go forward, always creating, but not accepting things, then the male energy is predominant. Quality of acceptance is absent.

In the West, I invariably find people are very creative but they can't accept certain facts of life. Hence, their stress level is extremely high due to this lack of acceptance.
But in India, people accept and don't work on creativity, so you find them relatively more peaceful but creativity does not happen.

Wise parenting is to see that there is a balance of Creativity and Acceptance. Creativity happens in an individual, if you come from a certain energy field and that energy field comes from 'I can' and cannot come from 'I can't'.

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