Elderly couple end lives

Elderly couple end lives

 An elderly couple, who had consumed poison in the presence of police and advocate over vacating their house as per the court order at Kothnur, succumbed at a hospital on Sunday.

The deceased have been identified as Muniraju (69) and Ratnamma (60).

Muniraju and his sister Anjinamma had a dispute over the house where the elderly couple were staying for the past several years. Both had moved the court claiming the property. The court ruled in favour of Anjimanna and directed Muniraju to allot an area of five gunta in his house to her.

The police and advocate had gone with an earth mover to evict the couple from the house on March 10. Muniraju made unsuccessful attempts to stop them.

Later he and his wife consumed poison and the two were shifted to the hospital. Muniraju died on Saturday, while Ratnamma on Sunday.