Kohli unfazed by criticism

Kohli unfazed by criticism

Kohli unfazed by criticism

Virat Kohli has been no stranger to criticism, especially from Down Under. The 28-year-old loves to get under the skins of Australians with the aggression, which has been championed by them.

The current series has seen him facing some outrageous comments and allegations especially from the Australian media, but the Indian captain shrugged them off with certain nonchalance and said he holds no regrets.

“It's something that’s happening outside. I think what I try to do is look inside as to what are the things I need to improve on as a cricketer and as a person, what my team-mates and close people think of me. These things do not matter to me so much. They have never mattered. I've faced this initially in my career, I've faced this many times before so... I've always stuck by the right things, always done the right thing, always said what I wanted to because I feel it is right. I have no regrets about it, I have nothing to go back and change.

“The only thing is, I'm surprised so many people are getting affected by just one individual, so good luck to them. If it's selling their news, good luck to them.”

Kohli praised Australian performance. “See they've played some really good cricket. I won't say that they have not given us a challenge. Of course, they have pushed us to coming back in the series. Again they fought out for a draw in Ranchi which I think was commendable. I think those two guys batted really well and credit goes to them for saving the Test match. You give credit where it's due, you don't take anything away from the opposition unnecessarily.”

“It's been a very exciting series of ups and downs, roller-coaster ride. I hope it finishes really well.”

Kohli was delighted the way Indians fought in the series. “Pujara has been outstanding, Saha has contributed really well in Ranchi, Ajinkya was really good in Bangalore. Jadeja has been a revelation again in this series. I thought he could not bowl more consistently but he has proven me wrong again. Rahul has come into his own, Vijay is back amongst the runs. I think the way we came back in Bangalore under pressure, that important partnership, and in Ranchi to turn things around after a big first-innings total, these are so far the takeaways, I would say, from this series.”