The man with the Midas heart

The man with the Midas heart

The man with the Midas heart

Lang: Kannada (U/A)    Film: Raajakumara
Cast: Puneeth Rajkumar, Priya Anand, Ananth Nag, Sharath Kumar, Prakash Raj, Avinash, Achyuth Kumar, Rangayana Raghu
Director: Santhosh

Raajakumara is an unabashed celebration of Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar. It has Sandalwood’s Appu playing proverbial prince with golden heart. A pucca hardcore Kannadiga who will brook no blemish to state’s self pride educating masses with choicest dialogues pressing home his point with several allusions to his own beloved father late Dr Rajkumar.

Kicking off in sun and sea kissed, high rise skylined Australia, Raajakumara, sees him as Siddhartha, who, in the course of learning Salsa from Kannada girl Nandini, falls in love with her. Incidentally, the impetuous lass has left home in distant Bengaluru, compelled by parents to settle down in matrimony.

Their roller coaster romance taking audiences on enchanting tourist trip across Australia before tragedy strikes leaving Siddhartha, bereaved man, soon after betrothal.The boy returns back to roots to Kasturi Nivasa and warden Krishna from where he had beeen adopted.

The orphange is now old age home, whose inmates welfare and well being becomes his life’s goal. How Siddhartha, also takes on corrupt health minister to clear his dead adopted father Jagadish from polio drops scandal, which has left several children polio stricken, forms rest of Raajakumara.

Needless to say, Puneeth Rajkumar towers like a titan in a role tailored to T. Priya Anand, making her Sandalwood debut, is fetching as his handsome maiden. Peopled with long list of yesteryear and current actors Raajakumara is fun filled family outing for film fraternity under patronage of Power Star’s commercial vehicle. Only sore point being Rangayana Raghu’s asinine, crass comedy.

Visually rich, technically polished, with ensemble of well choreographed songs, Santhosh Anandram’s Raajakumara is perfect weekend outing for Appu’s loyal fans. Just mast maja maadi abhimanigale your Appu is on a song.