'I've worked at my own pace'

'I've worked at my own pace'

Straight talk

'I've worked at my own pace'

It isn’t easy to stand your ground and yet become popular as an actor. Samyukta Hornad is among those actors who don’t sign just about any project that comes their way.

She prefers to take up those that have substance. Samyukta has ttwo projects on hand now — ‘Dayavittu Gamanisi’ where she plays an IT professional and ‘Coffee Thota’, where she is a lawyer.

In an interview with Nina C George, she talks about why she has become choosy with her projects.   

What got you to sign ‘Coffee Thota’?   
I liked the script because I was offered the role of a lawyer. I studied law when I was in college and I am well-versed with some of the laws. Living up to director T N Seetharam’s expectations was indeed a challenge.  

Tell us about your character.
My character undergoes a transformation of sorts in the second half of the film. I first appear as a carefree young girl who isn’t serious about her life. Something changes and she begins to take her work seriously.

What is different about ‘Dayavittu Gamanisi’?  
I play the character of an ambitious IT professional who has a mind of her own. My character is bold, she also rides a bike. But there’s also another side to her. It’s a good contrast.

We hear that you are working on films for Netflix?
I am working on a couple of projects in Tamil and will soon do an English film that will be released on Netflix. It’s something new. I was convinced about the scripts because they deal with real issues that affect people of all age groups.

Your pace of working...
I’ve worked at my own pace and have never been worried about what society may
think about my choices.

I also don’t believe in comparing myself to anybody else.

What do you do when you are not working?
I am actively involved with activities related to animal rescue and rehabilitation and issues related to en­viron­mental conservation and biodiversity interest me.

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