PU lecturers withdraw evaluation boycott

PU lecturers withdraw evaluation boycott

PU lecturers withdraw evaluation boycott

The pre-university lecturers in the state have temporarily withdrawn their decision to boycott the evaluation of answer papers of the second-year PU examinations which will conclude on Monday.

Earlier, the  Karnataka State PU Lecturers’ Association had said that its members would boycott evaluation since several of their demands, including increase in pay, had not been met. On Sunday, Primary and Secondary Education Minister Tanveer Sait met with the members of the association at Legislators’ Home.

The minister gave a written promise to conduct another meeting with the members of the association between April 13 and 20, which convinced the lecturers to temporarily withdraw their protest. The evaluation is to begin on April 4.

Members of the association said that if their demands were not addressed in the next meeting, they would resume their boycott.

The lecturers have been protesting since December last, asking the state government to set right pay disparities. Tanveer Sait said that the state government would soon decide on making a recommendation to the seventh pay commission in order to address the differences in the salary of lecturers.

Minister’s appeal

The minister said a decision in this regard will be taken in the Cabinet meeting. He requested the teaching staff not to boycott the valuation process which he said would amount to dereliction of duty.

In 2016 too, lecturers had protested for similar reasons and caused a delay in the evaluation process.