Another bungling in CBSE exams

Another bungling in CBSE exams

One of the questions in Class X science paper was wrong

Another bungling in CBSE exams

Thousands of Class X students, who appeared for the Science paper on Friday in the City were perplexed as Question No 16 was woefully incorrect. The three mark question provided a circuit diagram and demanded students to calculate - a) the total effective resistance of the circuit, b) the total current drawn from the battery and c) The value of current through each resistor.

The sting in the tale lay in the fact that to calculate all three, students must have been given the value of voltage. But the value of voltage was altogether missing from the question. Anirudh (name changed), a student at one of the Kendriya Vidyalayas in the City said that his whole class was up in arms.

“Our entire class objected and after some discussion with authorities, the invigilator asked us to attempt the question anyway. We were shocked because we simply cannot calculate resistance or current without the voltage,” Anirudh said.

But later officials at the centre clarified that to qualify for the full grace marks for the question, students will have to compulsorily attempt the question.

Officials from CBSE (South Zone) were not available for a comment.

However, speaking to Deccan Herald the Principal of the Rashtriya Military School in the City, Colonel P K Sharma said that all students who appeared for that particular set will be given the full three marks.

“The question was wrong. There was no way students could even attempt the question because the voltage was not given. I am sure that everybody who appeared for this particular paper will be given full three marks as grace for Question number 16,” he assured.