'It is good to be choosy'

'It is good to be choosy'

Gandhinagar Grapevine

'It is good to be choosy'

Actor Sharmiela Mandre, says her latest project ‘Leader’ has offered her something new and substantial. She’s also excited because this will be her first movie with actor Shivarajkumar.
In an interview with Nina C George, Sharmiela, talks about her role.    
What is different about ‘Leader’?
I play an investigative crime reporter in the movie. This is the first time that I am playing a journalist. My character is that of a young girl who is vibrant, ambitious and extremely focussed on her work.

What does the film deal with?
The character like the one I’ve got in ‘Leader’ is hard to come by in the Kannada film industry. ‘Leader’ deals with a serious subject which throws light on the corruption in the bureaucratic system. It talks about the plight of the common man.

Have you done any research for your role?
It is only after researching and interacting with a few crime journalists that I understood how tough and risky the job of a crime reporter is. It’s not easy to expose corruption when one’s own life is under threat.

How was your experience working with Shivarajkumar?  
I was very nervous on the first day. I had to introduce the movie with a two-page dialogue and I didn’t know if I could pull it off, in front of Shivarajkumar. But Shivarajkumar turned out to be a great support and gave me a lot of confidence.   

How is it to work in a multi-starrer?
I was apprehensive at first but I was happy when I realised that my role was crucial in taking the film forward. It is important for actors to have their own space and visible contribution when working in multi-starrers. 

Do you think it’s good to be choosy about scripts?
It is good to be choosy because every actor must be passionate about the role he or she is doing. You can’t take up something just to be in the league.