In search of the unseen trails

In search of the unseen trails

In search of the unseen trails

It was a bunch of photos on Facebook that marked the beginning of a long journey (literally) for ‘Gutsytribe’. “I and my friends always used to go on exploration trails and we would put up pictures of our journey on Facebook,” says Mounika Pothineni, the founder of the club. 

“Soon enough, other people evinced interest in joining us and before we knew it, we had become a huge community.”

But Mounika was clear that hers shouldn’t be just another travel group. “It is more about exclusive outdoor experiences, not just travel. We also do a lot of activities like parasailing, bungee jumping, bike riding and so on. The name of the club was also influenced by this. There is a feeling of community within us which is reflected
by the word ‘tribe’,” she adds.

Naveen Prasad Kadam, an interior designer who has been a part of the group for almost 1.5 years now, agrees with this. “It is a place where I got to meet many like-minded people who enjoy the same things I do.”

People apart, Gutsytribe’s trekking style also attracted him. “Usually, people go with set plans about which path to take, what all to see and so on. Here, we are encouraged to try out something new, to truly be an explorer,” he says. “When we gather for a trip, we don’t waste even a single moment,” says Sudarshan Kalathur who works with IBM.

“Exploring and networking are my two main objectives when I go for these minimum-budget outdoor trips. So inspired am I by these outings, that I am planning to organise a small trek for my own office team soon, with the help of ‘Gutsytribe’.”

For Sai Krishna, the club outings provided a welcome chance to go on treks without worrying about sourcing companions or dragging reluctant ones along. “If we make plans with friends or colleagues, even if one person backs out, the trip is usually cancelled. Here, there is an enthusiastic group who all want to go to the same place. And unlike the usual practice of going to the same touristy places, there is a focus on finding out the unseen here,” says Sai and adds that his favourite trekking place till date is Kodai.

For Mayuri Pawar, it was the new year camping event in Chitradurga that tops the list. “There were more than 150 people at the meet. We tried all sorts of water activities at this magical place that was half water and half hills,” she says. For her, the group has become more about the people she meets. “I have come to know some great people and a bond of friendship has been struck between us. We sometimes catch up even when there is no event planned.”

 The treks also make people challenge their boundaries and this is what has attracted Senthil Velan and Mohammad Irfan. Says Senthil, “We went on a trek to ‘Nishani Motte’ in Coorg and it was a very demanding one. The trail was slippery because of rain and leeches abounded. But then it made me realise that I was able to do something that previously seemed unimaginable. And that is the whole purpose of joining a group like this.”

Irfan adds, “We all once went kayaking and many people got over their fear of water that day. The jungle treks, the night camps, the bike rides — everything throws up a new challenge and a new adventure.”

(The club can be contacted on 8197734730)