One can threaten but cannot scare me: Mamata

One can threaten but cannot scare me: Mamata

One can threaten but cannot scare me: Mamata
In wake of a BJP youth wing leader announcing a bounty on her head, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today said one can threaten or call her names, but cannot scare her.

Without naming anyone, Banerjee said, "They can abuse me, vilify me and conspire against me. They can abuse me as much as they want. I pray to God to forgive them. They do not know what they are saying. I will not say anything more."

In an apparent reference to the Hindutva brigade, she told a public meeting here, "If anyone says that being a Hindu I can't go to a mosque or a church, it cannot be so. I am committed to the people. I am committed to protect everyone. There is no use threatening me.

"The more you threaten or call me names, the more I will proceed... Your criticism will be blessings for us. That will help us move forward. Now we are in Bengal. We will move to Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand and then to Delhi," she said.

She also reiterated that the people would decide what they want to eat or what they wear. No political party can decide that, she said and asked the people not to get provoked by any instigation.

"Do not fall prey to false propaganda spread through the Internet and social networking site. Social networks have been used to spread false rumours in lieu of money. Huge funds from abroad are coming in for this.

"Don't be scared. Always remember that I am there as your biggest custodian,"  Banerjee said. Referring to the brandishing of swords at Ram Navami processions by RSS affiliates, she said, "Some locals have popped up suddenly asking people to play with swords. That's not the Bengal's culture," she said adding "Let them learn Bengal's culture first, then comment about the state". "There is no need to give importance to them," she said.