There's room under the stairs...

There's room under the stairs...

There's room under the stairs...

In most homes which have a staircase going through the house, the space underneath is generally left empty or unutilised. This is mostly because the homeowner doesn’t know what to do with it. It is true that designing this unused space is tricky, but if one gets it right, it will make life better for everyone. This space could be used in various creative ways, which will add dimension and charm to the interiors of the house. 

With the home spaces in India getting smaller and cluttered, each space available should be used thoughtfully, whether in terms of storage, or the look.  Here are a few tips which you can follow to recreate the space in the most functional way:

Home office
With more young professionals working from home, they need a dedicated work space which can be arranged under the staircase by placing a small foldable desk and chair, along with multi-functional wall storage for files. This way, one can avoid using the space in the bedrooms. If the space is wide enough and you want to concentrate on your work without
anyone distracting your attention, you can fix a door as well. Sliding doors would be the best choice because it won’t take up a lot of space.

An indoor garden
To make your home more fresh and beautiful, you can utilise the space under the stairs as an indoor garden. Use lights, pebbles, rocks, interesting pots and other wonderful decorations to make that space more attractive. This will definitely add charm to your home.

Shoe storage/cloak room
If the staircase is close to the foyer, use the space for closets for those extra pairs of shoes, jackets and umbrellas. You can also turn the space under the stairs into storage shelves and store the things that you don’t use all the time.

Memory corner
The wall under the stairs can be used for hanging family pictures or photographs and fix wall units to display collectibles and travel souvenirs. This can be the perfect space to showcase all your family photos which gives you a chance to reminisce and celebrate life every time you cross the stairs.

Hand wash or an extra bathroom
Every house needs an extra toilet where the first is a big one and the second is a guest bathroom. There are numerous bathroom options available in the market today, which are super small and fit perfectly well in this area. If the space is close to the dining area, one can instal a hand washing facility for the guests.

Bar unit/intimate seating area
One can install a small wall bar unit in the space under the staircase along with high chairs. This will give a contemporary look to the whole set up and a cosy corner to spend time with your friends.

Music studio
If you are a music enthusiast and you don’t have enough space to store the musical instruments in your home, maybe, the space under your stairs is just the solution for you.

You can create a music studio under the stairs by displaying instruments such as piano or guitar, and fix a comfortable chair to play them. After a hectic day, this can be the ideal space for you to unwind and relax.

Mini library
As living spaces are changing and getting smaller, storage has become a huge issue. In such a situation, each corner should be used thoughtfully. One can convert the space into a storage for all the precious books. Add an armchair and enjoy the long nights with a good book.

Kids’ area
It is important to have a dedicated separate area for the kids. One can also look at creating tiny play areas for children, where they get a cosy nook to read books or have their doll house.

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