Busting some beauty myths

Busting some beauty myths

Busting some beauty myths

In the world of beauty, many myths persist. Be it drinking eight glasses of water a day, or washing one’s face more than two times, there are many aspects that are confusing to us.

It’s high time we cleared up some things, right? So, listed below are some common beauty beliefs and a verdict on whether they are true or not. Read on to find out if you have been doing things right or not.

Washing your hair daily makes it rough and dry: This is a fact only for people with dry hair. It is a myth for the ones with oily hair. The frequency of hair washing depends on your hair type.

Normal to dry hair would become drier if washed daily and without the use of conditioners. On the other hand, normal to oily hair, or an oily scalp may need daily washing. The season and lifestyle also determine the frequency of shampooing. In the hot and humid season, your hair may need daily washing. After working out, you may have to wash your hair to remove sweat. Use a mild shampoo. If you wash your hair daily, use less shampoo and only once. Remember to rinse your hair well later.

Oily skin doesn’t need moisturiser: This is a myth. Oily skin can also be short of moisture, during the dry season, when there is superficial dryness of the outermost layer of the skin. You can identify it by the taut, uncomfortable feeling immediately after washing. Some areas of the skin may also acquire tiny, white flakes. It is important to know that the skin absorbs moisture in the form of an emulsion of oil and water. It cannot absorb water or oil by itself. Therefore, the only way of dealing with the problem is to apply moisturisers. This will replenish the loss of moisture and keep the skin soft. However, oily skin needs light moisturising lotions with less oil. Matte moisturisers or day creams would suit oily skin. Heavy moisturising lotions can clog pores, leading to blackheads, pimples and acne.

Plucking grey hair results in more growing back: It’s a myth. Plucking grey hair does not result in more growing back. The actual cause of greying is not fully known as yet. However, according to researchers, the cause may lie in our immune system and / or in hereditary factors. Plucking grey hair is not recommended. First of all, it has no benefits, so why pluck it? Secondly, plucking can damage the hair follicle to such an extent that it does not grow any hair. Also, consult your doctor about taking Vitamins C and B-complex supplements.

Lemon juice lightens the skin: This is a fact. Lemon juice lightens the colour of skin over a period of time as it contains acids like citric and ascorbic acid. Lemon juice may be applied for 10 to 15 minutes daily. But don’t apply merely lemon juice directly on your face as its effects can be harsh. It can irritate the skin and should not be used if there are cuts and wounds. You may dilute lemon juice with a little water, or mix it with egg white, honey or yoghurt to get rid of your tan. Remember to avoid sun exposure after applying lemon juice.

Cucumber cools the eyes: Yes, cucumber is a natural cooling agent and cools the eyes. It even removes eye fatigue and brightens the skin around the eyes. Cucumber slices are applied on the eyes and cucumber juice is also used in eye pads. In fact, cucumber can be used to cool skin burns. Of course, the cooling property is not the only reason why cucumber is used for the eyes. It has several other benefits too. It suits the delicate skin around the eyes and also has an astringent effect.

An astringent helps to tighten the skin and cucumber would, therefore, help delay the formation of tiny lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Cucumber also has a skin-lightening effect and is considered to be a good remedy for minimising dark circles.