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On the fast track

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On the fast track

French national Adrien Metge was only five years old when he evinced an interest in motocross, enduro and rally racing.

He comes from a family of racers and it was only natural for Adrien to choose racing over any other sport. A focussed and a strong mind gives him the confidence to navigate the toughest of terrains.

Presently, a racer with ‘Sherco TVS Factory Rally’ team, Adrien, who was in the city recently, tells Nina C George why he never misses an opportunity to visit India.     

What inspired you to become a racer?

I was born into a family that is passionate about motorsports. Their interest in racing opened up multiple avenues for me to train and hone my skills. Today, I attribute my ability to compete at international events to their consistent support.

How do you prepare for high-intensity races?

They say practice makes a man perfect, so I follow a strict regime of physical training and hours of practice on my motorcycle before a race. While physical training is a key part of the preparation, it is one’s mental strength that will determine the outcome of the race. I have channelised my energy towards developing my mental strength.

What is the toughest part about being a racer?

Racing is a dynamic sport with its share of lean patches. Keeping your mental composure and staying positive is extremely difficult when the chips are down. However, with time, you learn to use these opportunities to your advantage and better your techniques.
Your favourite Indian racers...

It is difficult for me to answer this question as all Indian riders have been nice to me and show great potential. However, I have known Aravind KP for the longest time and we have shared a great camaraderie while training for Dakar rally last year.

Can you share your experience of racing in India?

I am glad to have visited India as it is a spectacular country. I loved racing in the Rajasthan desert. The few days I have been here, I have seen tremendous potential among Indian racers.

How has jet skiing helped you as a racer?

I jet-ski or do trial biking on days that I don’t train. I enjoy it because it helps me unwind. It also helps me as a rider as these are physically-intensive  and helps me stay focussed.

Your experiments with Indian food...

I tried the local cuisine but I found it a little too spicy for my palate.

Your thoughts on Bengaluru...

I find the city to be very vibrant. The people here are warm and accepting of those from other cultures.