Swear by shear style


Swear by shear style

You’ve decided for a make-over, and you head to the hottest salon in town, and you’re finally sitting on the chair where your aesthetic fate is to be decided. The stylist is ready with his pair of shears, and asks you, “so what do you want to do?,” chances are that you’re staring blankly with a dumfounded expression. All those images with luscious locks that you had in mind after reading 101 hair styles for summer seem to have vanished into thin air.

This is the moment of truth for every hair stylist. And to the rescue of the hair stylists in distress, while facing such moments, came Najeeb Ur Rehman, the celebrity hair stylist who is the magic touch behind the manes of Bollywood beauties like Neha Dupia and the official hair stylist for Miss India contestants.

At a hair-stylist orientation session, organised by Schwarzkopf Professional, the Summer Essential Look was unveiled that showcased the spring-summer ‘111 edition’, signifying 111 years of Schwarzkopf Professional. And for that ‘moment of truth’, he had five new styles for the season, straight off the haute couture runways in Paris and Milan.

“It’s important for a hair stylist to be able to read the customer and accordingly decide what’s the best for them, as hair is the most expensive accessory we have, and getting a haircut is instant make over,” said Najeeb addressing the participants. When asked what were the parameters that decided what colours and cuts, he says, “we take all aspects from skin tone, eye colour, face shape, profession and lifestyle into consideration, we have to decode the customer’s personality while giving a hair cut, we are the hair doctors”.

Speaking about the haircare for monsoons, Najeeb says, “it’s important to know your hair and scalp type just like knowing your skin type, “during the monsoons, due to the humidity there is over secretion from sebaceous glands on the scalp, so one needs to wash and condition hair at least two to three times a week.”

Najeeb also stressed on the importance of hair trimming, “It’s like cutting your nails, especially in long hair, the ends become very dry, and are very prone to split ends.”
The models showcasing the summer cuts and colour were then paraded with glamourous names like ‘Julia’ and ‘Eva Maria’, with Najeeb explaining how to acquire the look. Sure enough, the hair stylists walked out of the session now confident of handling that dreaded ‘moment of truth’.

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