Bowled over by the warmth

Bowled over by the warmth

Bowled over by the warmth

Exploring cultures and learning about new traditions always fascinated Indrajit Adhya, who hails from Kolkata. The young professional vouches that Bengaluru didn’t give him any cultural shocks and feels it is one of the best cities to be a part of.

While Indrajit works as a credit manager with Nike India Pvt Ltd, his wife Rituparna is vice-president with Goldman Sachs (India) Securities Pvt Ltd. The couple have a six-year-old son named Vihaan.

Though the foremost reason to move to Bengaluru was the better job opportunities available here, Indrajit was convinced that this was where he wanted to be. “I pursued postgraduation along with my job. The city has taught me many valuable lessons and prepared me for the life ahead,” he says.

The warmth of the people was endearing and he was bowled over by the acceptance he received. “Irrespective of where you come from, you are treated the same here, with a lot of love,” he shares.

Adjustments were minimal while settling down, adds Indrajit. “People in Bengaluru are open to new things.
They strongly believe in ‘give respect, take respect’,” he says. Despite the city being a mix of cultures, he says, “It was never a clash of traditions, rather it has been a beautiful blend of everything. Everyone has their own space. It’s like a mix of several flavours on one platter.”

Though the people around were initially a little reluctant to talk because of language barriers, learning Kannada helped build bridges for Indrajit. “I feel proud that I have adapted to the city in my own ways,” he says.

Ask him about the good times here and he narrates, “A few months after I had moved to the city, I fell sick. The roommates I had went out of their way by taking me to the doctor, managing everything in shifts, cooking for me and taking care of me like a family member. The most interesting part was that all of them are non-Bengalureans. The air here is truly magical.”

Rituparna’s experiences in the city have also been enriching. “The people here are committed to respecting deadlines. Everyone is very enthusiastic and keen to learn new things. They conduct themselves in a disciplined manner,” she says.

She feels the city stands out distinctly on the safety radar. Rituparna says, “I have always felt comfortable here, be it day or night. With all the cab services we have around, things are smooth. From taking out Vihaan for classes to visiting pubs, I step out of the house a lot at any given hour and I’ve never faced any issues.”

The city’s green spaces also add to its charm, feels Indrajit. “We love the greenery here and like to visit Cubbon Park, Lalbagh and other lung spaces. The city is well-connected to many beautiful places like Nandi Hills,” he says.

Food is a big part of any culture and South Indian food, including ‘Chettinad chicken’ and ‘Plain paper dosa’, has always been Indrajit’s favourite. “I am a foodie and love ‘lemon rice’ and the ‘Hyderabadi biryani’. I also like the ‘sambhar’ here, which is slightly sweet,” he says.

When Rituparna and Indrajit have some time to spare, they like to hang out at ‘China Pearl’ and ‘Lazeez’ among other places. “I love going to ‘Loveshack’ and ‘Ebony’ too. We try out different places and love experimenting with the food, be it as a couple or when out with friends,” adds Rituparna.

“We love the city for its ethos. There is no other place we could call home with such confidence,” says Rituparna.