Cost-effective SAB technology gets no response in 5 years

Dr B Nagendra Kumar, a consultant coastal engineer from Chennai, had given a presentation on a new and cost-effective SAB technology, before the then MLA U T Khader as well as ADB officials, in 2012. However, there has been no response for the same till date.

He had submitted proposals for Uchila, Yermal and Padukere in 2012.

SAB (Sediment Accumulator in Beach) technology is a new concept of sediment accumulation by artificial blocks to develop artificial ground and in turn develops protection of coastal property from the coastal erosion.

What is more interesting is that, the technology is patented by the inventor, Dr B Nagendra Kumar, and has been successfully implemented in Mahabalipuram (Tamil Nadu) at a cost of Rs 55 lakh (300 metres) about eight years ago and in Gujrat in 2015 at a cost of Rs 75 lakh (300 metres).

Speaking to DH, Kumar said that the indigenous technology developed by him is simply incomparable with the other projects which run into crores of rupees and time required for completion of the SAB project.

Highlighting the features of SAB technology, Dr Kumar said that SAB unit develops frictional resistance to fluid motion during severe conditions; beach reinforcement enhances similar to human rib bones providing strength to beach; it prevents drifting of floated sediments; beach porosity will be reduced; and most importantly, there is no negative impacts on the adjacent beaches and is environment-friendly technology.

One of the officials, who preferred anonymity, said the authorities concerned could have tried SAB technology in Mangaluru at least on a pilot project, which costs peanuts when compared with ADB-funded projects. But who should bell the cat?

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