Fall at first sight

Fall at first sight

Protruding manholes

Fall at first sight
While unpaved roads filled with potholes tend to be one of the most common reasons for road accidents in the city, the newest addition that does its bit in ensuring that the four-wheeler and two-wheeler riders don’t have a smooth ride is the issue of protruding manhole lids.

Successful in jolting and shocking drivers in equal measure, these unlevelled lids are causing a serious threat to many motorists in Bengaluru. “These protruding manhole lids are a common sight while on my way to work. If nothing else, safety is the main concern.

These manhole lids contribute to the increasing number of accidents in the city. For example, when one sees manhole lids like these from a distance, they tend to suddenly apply breaks, thinking it is a speed breaker. It is very risky,” says Oswald Ernest.

“Apart from making the road bumpier and acting as a ‘back-breaker’ rather than a speed breaker, many careless riders also tend to use these for stunts, which is extremely dangerous.  The officials should either level the roads or level the lids,” he says. He suggests that an increase in the number of reflective sign boards is an optimum way can help motorists to avoid any mishaps involving these manholes. Street lights are another way to let riders and drivers see the road more clearly.

Protruding manhole lids also hamper the traffic movement as vehicles tend to take a diversion around the manhole.

Oswald observes that there are at least 10 to 15 protruding manhole lids on his way to work at Hennur road. Frazer town, Old Madras Road and Indiranagar are other places where he has seen unlevelled manhole lids.
Agreeing with the high levels of inconvenience these cause is Aakruti Thimraj, a professional. She says, “Manhole lids are a nuisance as they tend to cause traffic congestion. One needs to be even more cautious while riding on a two-wheeler as they may have to suddenly swerve and avoid it.”

All this becomes more unsafe when it’s dark since riders can’t recognise such potential dangers due to non-existent indication, opines Avinash Bhat, a brand management professional.

“These protruding lids are very scary, especially in traffic-prone areas, even when one is going at a normal speed. They appear out of nowhere and the sudden jerk may cause a serious fall or back injury. This apart, it can also damage one’s vehicle. Clearly, more caution sign boards have to be placed to avoid any more road accidents,” he says.