'India is a 'crazy town'

'India is a 'crazy town'

Nostalgic comeback

'India is a 'crazy town'
American rap metal band ‘Crazy Town’ recently performed a gig at The Humming Tree as part of their India tour, taking their fans on a nostalgic journey. Seth ‘Shifty’ Binzer, Elias Dionysios Tannous, Chris Staggs Barbara and Gianluca Hasma Angelemo of the band talk to Milonee Sanghavi about how the band was reformed in 2015.

What do you think of India? 
Elias: It’s a ‘crazy town’. We fit right in! We’d describe it as an organised chaos, which we really appreciate. We would love to come back to India every year and build our fan base.

Are you apprehensive about how you will be received by the Indian audience?
Seth: The band that I’ve put together has some of the best players, it’s the best we’ve ever been. So we will just continue to believe in our music and do what we love.

How did you all join the band?
Gianluca: My band opened up for them in Italy and Seth was really impressed with my performance. I had decided to take a year off from music. They had a spot and I took it up.

Elias: I would constantly message Seth on Instagram. Then one day he called me for an audition in LA and I flew there from Atlanta. He called me and told me to not let him down and here I am!

Chris: I was their booking agent for Europe and when they said they needed a new drummer. I said I’m your guy and the rest is history. 

Why did you take the 10-year sabbatical? 
Seth: One day you’re a kid trying to make something happen. Then suddenly, it’s like you’re number one in the world and you have all this money, it gets to your head. I had a lot of fun, but I could have done some things better and this is an opportunity for me to do so.

Why is your partner Bret Mazur not on tour with you?
Seth: We had a conflict of interest. He has a family now and he only wanted to be in it if it was going to be financially lucrative. But all I wanted was to be able to play music. The new members have made it possible to play without another lead singer.

What’s the significance of the art on all your albums?
Seth: It was designed by my dad and his friends. I helped him create my dream girl and she’s on all our album covers.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Seth: My life is like a diary. The songs are based on things I’ve learnt and the emotions I’ve experienced.

Any new genres the band would like to experiment with...
Seth: We would like to experiment with some electronic music. I want to keep creating something new so that our music keeps evolving.