The true calling

The true calling

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The true calling

Actor and director Arjun Kishore Chandra was a civil engineer before he realised that he wanted to narrate interesting stories through the world of cinema.

He had started making short movies during his college days but a decision that he wanted to do more led him to act and direct ‘Life360’, an adventure drama movie that released on Friday.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the artiste talks about his journey.

What brought you to the industry?
I was always interested in writing and my family is involved in theatre. While working as an engineer, I wasn’t content with what I was doing. I used to meet my neighbour Anil Kumar, the cameraman for my project, regularly. We used to discuss about movies and this is when I realised that I wanted to try making a travel-related movie.

Why a travel-based story?
I have loved travelling since my childhood. A cousin of mine was a rock climber and we used to explore places together. That’s what made me opt for the genre. I always listen to my instincts and I am glad I did that here too.

The reason behind the movie being called ‘Life 360’?
The protagonist’s life circles around his journey, just like the wheels of a cycle. His
story comes back to where he started from and from there, it continues. I play the role of Shishir, a jovial college student who loves travelling.

How do you think the audience will accept the movie?
I’m not going to say that I have done anything exemplary. ‘Life 360’ is a feel-good movie and I hope that the audience will like it for that. The team’s  and my hopes have been high ever since our teaser came out, which fetched more than 50,000 views in a few days.

Being a director and actor for the same project can be quite a challenge...
It’s a huge responsibility. Sometimes I felt the pressure was a bit too much as I was also managing my MTech course during that time. When I was in front of the camera, I was Shishir and nothing else. But once the shot was over, I had to guide the cameraman and everyone else about the vision I had.

Are you more inclined to acting or directing?
I see myself as a director and writer. I feel my imagination works wonders when I’m working on a script.

What has changed about you after entering the industry?
I feel I have matured a lot after this project. I also got a chance to meet a lot of
versatile actors which has helped me grow.

Some things you would like to see in the industry...
It is a good time for new artistes here. This is the right time for experimentation.