Beating the season's blues

Beating the season's blues

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Beating the season's blues
It’s that time of the year where you want to reach out for a hot cup of tea or coffee with some hot and spicy pakoras. But hold right there! As delicious as it may look, it’s important to take care of yourself this season. You never know when you’ll fall sick! Here are some of the foods you must avoid during the rainy season.

Leafy vegetables: Sounds insane, right? But due to the grime and dampness present, the vegetables are highly susceptible to germs. Try to incorporate more of pungent vegetables like bitter gourd. Make sure you wash thoroughly and cook them well before consuming.

Beat the road: It might tempting to have ‘pani puri’ and other ‘chaats’ but it’s best to avoid them for a few months. It’s uncertain as to how the ingredients are prepared and the storage facility, one can fall sick immediately upon consuming them.

Milky way: It’s good to have plenty of buttermilk this season. Try to include milk with turmeric powder — it not only makes you strong but also helps build your immune system.

Juice it up: Don’t have fresh juice from stores. If you really want to drink some, prepare them at home. At least this way, you know what goes in your drink.

Consume spices which can be easily digested during the rainy season. These include jeera powder, garlic, ginger, coriander, pepper, hing and so on. Turmeric is a must during these days for its disease-fighting properties.

Soups and sprouts are ideal options during the season. Sprouts are full of nourishment, easy to digest and contain very less calories. Avoid fried items and go for boiled and steamed variants. It’s also a season to avoid seafood and synthetic drinks and indulge in anti-oxidant rich options like green tea.