Prez poll: ball now in BJP's court

Prez poll: ball now in BJP's court

Prez poll: ball now in BJP's court

With the Election Commission announcing the schedule for the presidential poll, the BJP will now have to open its card on the NDA’s choice of candidate.

The BJP top brass stated that the party will make its face for the presidential election public around June 16 as senior ministers and party leaders are busy with the government’s third-anniversary celebrations and other important engagements.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will fly to Kazakhstan on Wednesday to attend the SCO summit and will return on Saturday, which reduces the chances of holding formal consultations for the next three days.

The BJP has already held initial discussions with party leaders to take stock of the number of votes it requires to get its candidate elected to Rashtrapathi Bhavan, a party leader said.

Cross voting
Some BJP leaders claim that the Telangana Rashtra Samiti, Y S R Congress and a section of the AIADMK are on board and expect cross voting from other Opposition parties.

“The NDA candidate selection will not be done to create a consensus. The Opposition would be free to either support or contest the elections,” a BJP leader said when asked about the Opposition’s demand to come up with an acceptable name.

The leader said Modi and party president Amit Shah’s decision will carry a social message which would be difficult for the Opposition to counter.

The Congress and other Opposition parties have said that they would prefer waiting for the BJP to make the first move. Senior JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav on Sunday said the Opposition would contest the polls if the NDA’s applicant is short on secular credentials.
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