The art of pub hopping

The art of pub hopping

Right in the middle

Pub hopping is a common pastime in Bengaluru. Given the number of pubs we have in the city, it is but natural that many try their hand at this cool activity. Of course, while many try it, only a few are able to achieve the state of nirvana that they aspire to at the end of the evening/night. The lucky ones are those who do proper planning in advance — for this is an art!

For those who would like to have an unforgettable evening, the first step is to decide on a suitable day. You might claim that any day works for tipplers, but pub hopping does require one to choose an appropriate day. Fridays or Saturdays work best, that’s when you won’t have to go to work the next day. Also, those are the days when the pubs stay open late, giving you more time to hop between more pubs!

The next is the companions. One can’t hop pubs alone! No! One needs like-minded people with them, folks who enjoy the sport as much as you do. Friends, who maybe listen to similar music or drink the same poison that you do. Once you have identified them, you will need to revisit step one to ensure that the day is convenient to all. A conflict here will need you to go back and start the process all over again.

Time is also crucial. What time should one start? Too early and you might get tipsy too soon. Too late and there are chances the bars will close before you achieve serenity. Probably the final step, you should decide the route earlier. Where does one start? Which pubs to visit? It is best that the watering holes are near to each other – ideally within walking/hopping distance! That completes the planning. Next is the execution phase.

Most importantly, do NOT take your own vehicle! More than the fear of getting caught by Bengaluru’s finest, there are very good chances that you may not remember where you parked your vehicle after imbibing three or four pints.

Secondly, do not overstay at one pub, however much you are enjoying yourself. Even if they are playing all your favourite tracks, keep moving on! Sitting in one place for long negates the entire hopping experience and you basically get down to just drinking. No fun!

If all the above steps are followed religiously, from the planning to the execution stages, then the results will be as desired. You will start the evening slow, savour every minute (and every gulp), make new friends or bond more with old ones and start experiencing utopia by the time you visit the fourth or fifth pub. Finally, a warning – know your limits. Else you may end up crawling instead of hopping. Believe me, for these words of wisdom come from personal experience!