Unsafe spaces

Unsafe spaces

No child's play

Unsafe spaces

Imagine being greeted by a broken seesaw, a swing with no seats or a slide with jagged edges. This is the state of affairs in most of the recreational spaces and it is no wonder that these are in a
perpetual state of disuse.

While the newly constructed parks have brand new play equipment and neatly designed spaces, the older ones are badly maintained. Parents think twice before allowing their children to use these spaces.

Playground equipment in places like Coles Park, Richard’s Park as well as parks in  RMV II stage, J P Nagar, NGEF Layout and a few others in Sadashivanagar are badly maintained.

Residents  say that though they bring their children to these parks,  they don’t allow them to use the equipment due to rusted, sharp and protruding edges. 

Rajesh B, a resident of Begur, near Bannerghatta Road, regularly takes his children to the park located in the vicinity but doesn’t let them play on the swings.

“The iron bars are rusted and jagged at several places. I am always scared that the children will get hurt. None of the equipment is maintained well. I’ve also noticed that some of the steps to the slide are missing,” says Rajesh.

There are several parks that have well-maintained lawns and a neatly laid out walkers’  path but the
children’s play area remains neglected. Naveen Bhaskar, a resident of J P Nagar, says “The small parks don’t have good facilities  for children. The quality of the material is bad and the dirt on several equipment also hinders their smooth movement,” says Naveen and adds that the ground near the play area has caved in and this poses an additional risk to the children.

Adding to these views is Rasheed Khan, a resident of Coles Road. He says that the playground fixtures at Coles Park have been in a dilapidated condition for a long time.

“The swings themselves are missing at several places and  the supporting iron rods have sharp and protruding ends. The worn out equipment has not been removed and poses a danger to children and old people,” says Rasheed.

The scene at Richard’s Park is no different. Usha Kumar, a resident of  Richard’s Town, was shocked to see one part of a swing tied to the iron pillar of the frame.

 “The chains of the swing are rusted and broken at one end. At the far end of the park lies a dismantled slide. Even the members of the resident welfare associations haven’t taken any initiative to make sure the children’s play area is maintained well,”she observes.