'I find travelling very therapeutic'

'I find travelling very therapeutic'

Candid conversation

'I find travelling very therapeutic'

This tall, confident beauty has made a name for herself in Bollywood through her power-packed dance performances. Today, Malaika Arora is known as a dancing diva, actor, model and reality show judge.

She is also popular as a fashion icon and fitness enthusiast.

In association with ‘Reebok’, Malaika is encouraging physical and mental fitness. In a chat with Anila Kurian, she talks about her fitness mantra and more.

Is there a day when you don’t work out?
Yes, Sundays. I don’t even check my phone on that day!

What do you do instead? 
I usually like to stay at home and be a couch potato. I also enjoy leisure activities like cooking, gardening and meeting my friends and family.

What is your idea of ‘fashionably fit’?
It’s as simple as it sounds — be fashionable even when you’re working out. It never occurred to people that you can look good even when you go to the gym, but that has changed now. The approach to working out has also changed and that allows one to be fashionably fit.

Your fashion mantra...
Wear what you’re comfortable in and what suits you. If you’re standing in front of the mirror and you think you look like a million bucks, that’s your style.

Do you have a playlist for when you’re working out?
Oh yes! It depends on the type of workout though. If I’m at the gym, I like to listen to my current favourite songs. But if I am doing yoga, I like it to be quiet. I enjoy the calm.

And which is your favourite song right now? 
‘Despacito’ by Justin Bieber featuring Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

We hear you also like travelling...
Yes, I try to go on a vacation whenever I can. I find travelling very therapeutic.

What kind of a traveller are you?
I like to hang out by the beach and soak in the sun. But I also love trying out adventurous activities.
You name the activity, and no matter how scary it may sound, I will try it out.

A message to fitness enthusiasts...
Stay fit, stay glamorous and practise yoga.