Caught in the net

Caught in the net

Web series

Caught in the net
Good things come in small packages. And that goes for the entertainment world as well. One is no longer limited to the television screens as web series that come in crisp and cool formats are slowly taking their place. A new form of entertainment has arrived!

The popularity of web series is also creating a platform for content writers, directors and actors to experiment. One of the interesting parts about web series is its versatility.

A filmmaker can create a series and upload it online without worrying about the censoring or TRP ratings. Web series are not constrained by the rules television has for creators.

The web series content includes that on real life and current issues, relationships, worklife and more.

Youngsters have accepted this form of entertainment with great enthusiasm. Somdev Putatunda, a student, says, “Web series are shorter, faster and within a few episodes, you will have the entire story. And thanks to the fast internet connection and digital technology, I can watch it anytime I want.”

With the help of apps like Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix and YouTube, many can access the series on their mobile phones, laptop or any other digital device they want to.

Eddie Avil, a Virtual Reality content producer, explains, “Digital is the way forward and that’s why many are interested in web series. It’s also because people don’t have the time to catch their favourite television show — they find it easier to switch on their devices and watch what they want at their convenience.”

Nileena G S, a professional,  is a newbie to the world of web series. “I’ve always liked watching television shows but the storylines are becoming quite boring these days. I used to follow ‘TVF’ (a video web content channel) on YouTube but with their app, it’s become even more easier to watch the shows now. The stories are short, crisp and a lot more interesting than the usual ‘saas-bahu’ stories.”

For actors as well, web series are a turning point. Eisha Chopra, a Bollywood actor who is correctly working on a web series called ‘Bewafa Se Wafa’ adds, “We get the freedom to express and work on our characters. Sometimes the content is bold, so not everyone will be comfortable watching it on TV. The stories on web series are more

relatable and the plot is revealed within about six episodes of the show. Also, you don’t have to play the same character for a year or more unlike TV.”

Actors also find working in web series quite profitable. Shreya Gupta, who is working on a web series, explains, “There is no pressure of TRPs and beating around the bush here. It is a powerful medium.”

Harika Vankadara, a professional, shares, “I have been living on my own for a few years now and I never found the need to invest in a television. I have a good internet connection and digital devices that allow me to watch the series I want. Moreover,  I am not forced to watch the advertisements. I really do think that web series is the new form of entertainment.”