Skates are high

Skates are high

Skates are high

Exploring the city can be fun but doing that on skateboards can be another experience altogether. Zooming past some of Bengaluru’s iconic locations, skateboarders in the city had a whale of a time as they came together to celebrate ‘Go Skateboarding Day’.

Organised by the ‘HolyStoked Collective’, the day-long event included a tour of MG Road, Cunningham Road, Vidhana Soudha and Indiranagar on skateboards. This was followed by the screening of a ‘Holy Detour’ video at a local club.

Somanna, one of the founders of the ‘HolyStoked Collective’, said, “We are all excited to take skateboarding to a higher level in the city and are happy to get a lot of support from everyone. I quit my job to continue my passion for skateboarding. I feel I can now encourage many more people to take it up seriously.”

Mykel Kumar, a tattoo artist and an avid skateboarder, said that he is happy that there’s a day especially dedicated to the love of skateboarding. “It was like an inner calling for me, a different form of meditation. Skateboarding ties up everything in my life together and I am glad I took it up. The event has been awesome so far,” said Mykel.

Channy, a digital designer who is also a part of the group, felt that the day was a great occasion for all skateboarders to get together. “Skateboarding, for me, is a great stressbuster. Everyone should try it. It is different from other sports — there are no rules and everything depends on your creativity. The important lesson is to learn how to take the fall,” she stated.

Abhishek, another enthusiastic skateboarder who has been engaging in the activity for six years now, showed off some wonderful moves on his skateboard. “It helps you keep your mind off everything else. It has helped me increase my concentration levels in other areas of life as well. Skateboarding is about finding obstacles and getting over them — something that one can imbibe in their life too. Besides, it’s a great new way to look at architecture. For instance, when we look at a flight of stairs, we try to think how we can use them and have fun with our skateboards,” said Abhishek.

The numerous skateboarding stunts performed by members of the ‘HolyStoked Collective’ and other enthusiasts also caught the attention of many onlookers on the streets. Fascinated by the idea, many were even seen taking pictures.

The event was supported by Vans and Oxelo by Decathlon.