Customised space for your child

Customised space for your child

Customised space for your child

Designing and decorating your child’s room is always special. Whether your child is still taking her baby steps, or is a bubbly toddler or a busy teenager, there is no dearth of ideas when it comes to decorating her room.

Be it with colours, patterns, textures or quirky accessories, you can stretch your imagination without thinking twice about going overboard. Stores too, these days have furniture and accessories exclusive for children’s rooms ranging from themed wallpapers to cots.

However, how about adding some personal touches to your child’s room, which will not only make your little one feel special but will also make you beam with satisfaction? Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination and creativity.

Tiny hands, tiny feet

Remember how you adored your baby’s tiny hands and feet as you took pictures to cherish them for years to come? Dedicate a wall to capture your child’s handprints with every passing year.

You could mark a day like your child’s birthday or New Year’s Day and make handprints in a linear or ascending manner using non toxic paint. Not only will the kids love this activity, but you will also have a memorable alternative to a regular wallpaper.

You could also make handprints resembling patterns like butterfly and birds on card paper and frame them. They will add a special touch to the wall and you could use them instead of regular wall art.

What’s in a name?

If you have a basic knowledge of thread work, you could create wall art with your kid’s names as inspiration. You could hand embroider your child’s name in an artistic way with patterns of your choice around it.

Get it framed and you have your own, special, hand-made wall art. You could use this on the door too, instead of a regular name plate available in the market. Names and initials can also be embroidered on the pillow cases and sheets, especially if two or more children are sharing a room.

Toon mania

Kids love cartoons. Almost every kid has his or her favourite cartoon character. Use this love for cartoons in a special way to add to the personal touch. You could also involve your child if s/he is old enough to paint their favourite toons on pillow cases or sheets.

Hand embroidery on cushions and throws using basic outline stitches also looks charming. This will also serve as a good activity to engage them during holidays.

Curtains speak

Appliqués of various kinds are in trend today. Appliqué work in the shape of flowers, cars and dolls stuck or stitched onto sheer curtains will make the room look very attractive. Sheer curtains are preferable in a kid’s room as they filter light without making the room too dark. You could opt for plain or striped sheers in your child s favourite colour and use appliqués in an interesting manner.

Reward time

It is always nice to be appreciated. And to see the appreciation shine in front of your eyes will almost always make your child behave her best! How about making a
‘reward board’ as wall decor? Cut out a board out of soft packing material and cover it with cloth or wrapping paper which matches your child’s room. Cut out stars from shiny golden papers.

Every time your child does something worth appreciating, pin a star onto the reward board. This will serve as a positive reinforcement and will also serve as a nice memoir when your child grows up.

The markets may spoil you for choice, but adding your personal touch will give you immense satisfaction and add warmth to your child’s room. Memories and bonding with your child are, after all, priceless.