Police take strict measures to control traffic density

Police take strict measures to control traffic density

Tow away vehicles in Chikkamagaluru town for violation of rules

 In order to facilitate smooth movement of vehicles and disciplined parking, police seized a goods vehicle on MG Road using a towing vehicle and carried it to the police station on Friday.

The goods vehicle was unloading goods in front of a shop on MG Road. Superintendent of Police K Annamalai conducted an inspection on Friday of the traffic movement and parking facility provided on MG Road and directed the police staff and officials to take vehicles violating traffic rules to the police station.

Speaking on the occasion, the superintendent said that stern measures are being carried out to ensure smooth traffic movement. The vehicle owners had been asked to park their vehicles within the 1.5-metre wide area marked on the sides of Indira Gandhi Road and MG Road.

“A span of 15 days of time had been given to mark the parking area with white paint. Publicity was duly carried out regarding the matter. The deadline ended on June 18. Stickers are being distributed to the shopkeepers for their vehicles,” said the superintendent.

Annamalai added, “Some shopkeepers have marked the parking area in IG Road. But, no such marking has been done on MG Road. The shopkeepers have been asking for more time. But, the Police Department is constrained to take tough measure in public interest. The instructions conveyed during the meeting held in this connection will strictly come to force from June 24.”

He warned that the vehicles parked beyond the prescribed limit of parking area (1.5 metre) will be confiscated. “Changes will be introduced in one-way and two way traffic on the roads of the town within a week. As many as 250 stickers have been distributed to shopkeepers so far. The rest will be made available with the stickers soon,” he said.

“For the time being, it is the responsibility of the shopkeepers to mark the parking space as it will take some time for the CMCto invite tenders for the work,” Annamalai added.