Time to get aqua fit

Time to get aqua fit

If you enjoy being in the water, then aqua aerobics is the ideal workout plan for you.

Time to get aqua fit

Some call it aquatics and others call it water aerobics or aqua fitness. Performed as aerobic workouts or swimming, aquatic fitness is soon becoming the most preferred way to keep our mind, body and soul fit. And, the facts say it too! Here are seven reasons to head to your nearest pool or aqua class.

A full-body workout
From cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, endurance to weight loss, aquatic fitness offers a complete solution. For those who find activities such as running, gyming, dancing or jogging too painful or strenuous, an aerobic workout is the answer. Aquatics will not only build lean muscle, but it will also increase metabolism, while improving blood circulation and functioning of the lymphatic system. Studies suggest that our heart rate comes down by nearly 17 beats per minute in water, when compared to cardio exercise in a gym.

Safe for all
As engaging and relaxing as they are, water activities are low impact workouts and safe for kids, pregnant women, elderly people, individuals with arthritis or athletes recuperating from injuries.

Feel buoyant
Did you know that the human body feels 75-90% lighter in weight when in water? Yes, water buoyancy decreases the effect of gravity with chest to neck level immersion. It especially helps in relieving the stress on weight-bearing joints, bones and muscles and takes away the likelihood of injuries. A water workout is unlikely to result in injury or leave you with sore muscles. This makes heading to the pool a perfect workout for those who wish to have a fitness routine.

Water resistance
Exercising in water provides 12 to 14 times more resistance than exercising on land. Water resistance is best suited for a strength-training workout too. Instead of spending hours lifting weights in a gym, water’s natural resistance serves as an anytime-anywhere accessible tool at no added cost. Water aerobics and swimming are a mega-calorie burning workout, which do not result in the extreme exhaustion or sweat. A 155-pound individual burns nearly 300 calories in a 60-minute average-level water aerobics class. As the intensity goes up, one can burn as much as 11 calories per minute.

Get flexible
Water eliminates shock impact due to its buoyant property making it possible to move those stiff joints, and perform motions with increased range of movement leading to increased flexibility and lesser muscle imbalances.

No critics
Unlike the old-school group classes for aerobics or different forms of dance, aqua fitness is non-competitive. You move your body under water and no one is critical nor does anyone keep tabs on you messing up a move or two. You don’t have to worry about anyone judging you and you can focus on your individual aqua fitness goals.

Unleash the fun
Spending time at the pool is the best way to bring out that kid in you and embrace a refreshing way to unwind after a long workday. Aquatic workouts leave us more energetic, calmer and happier. These perks of hitting the pool explain why swimmers and aqua-fitness enthusiasts feel so good after a class or a few laps. The body is refreshed rather than exhausted. So, whether it is swimming, water aerobics, water running, aqua yoga, aqua tai chi. or just some sit back time in the pool, take your pick and unravel a whole new fitness level waiting for you.

How do you get started? Just get yourself the right aqua fitness gear such as swim wear and accessories, paddles, buoys, floats etc. Head to a pool close by or sign up for an aqua fitness class.
(The author is a fitness expert.)