Additional students okayed for I PU admission

Additional students okayed for I PU admission

The Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE) has given permission to 11 pre-university colleges in the state to admit additional students for the first-year PU course during 2017-18.

According to existing rules, maximum of 80 students can be admitted to one section for first PU.

However, there were requests from parents and students to increase the intake for several colleges in the state.

The department has considered the requests to increase intake by a maximum of 20 students in the following colleges:

Sri Harabhatta PU College, Kundgol (Dharwad district) for HESP and EGBA combinations; RLS PU college, Dharwad for EBAS and PCMB; Good News PU college, Kalaghatagi (Dharwad district) for HEBA;   Hiremallur Ishwaran PU College, Dharwad, for PCMB and PCMS; KLE Arts, Commerce and Science Independent PU college, Dharwad, for HEBA and PCMB; Anjuman Independent PU college, Dharwad, for HEBA, EGBA, PCMB; Vijayanagara PU college, Vidyanagar, Hubballi, for HEBA; PC Jabin Science College, Hubballi, for PCMB; SJMVS Arts and Commerce PU college, Hubballi, HEBA and EBACs; and S G Gangadhar PU college, Hubballi, for HEBA and EBAS.