'Loopholes will be plugged now'

'Loopholes will be plugged now'

Countdown to GST

'Loopholes will be plugged now'

From prime time debates to social media wars, the landmark tax reform — GST — has created quite a stir in all circles. Now with the implementation date around the corner, the public are saying ‘yay’ or ‘nay’. To gauge the mood, Metrolife took to the streets. From blank looks and sheepish confessions of ‘I have no clue’ to well-informed opinions, people said it all.

Teena Keswani, Professional
“Somehow I feel the nation is not yet ready for GST. But  let’s see how it fares out in the long run. As long as it helps the poor and takes the money from the rich, it should be perfectly fine. Sometimes small shops try to avoid paying tax. But those loopholes will be plugged now. Yes, it will pinch them but if the collected money is used for the nation then it is a good thing.” 

Sana Tabrezi, Physiotherapist
“I think the GST will affect the middle class people a lot. The government should do something about it.”

Mark, Student
“We don’t know what it is. I know it is something related to the government but...”

Hanak Francis
Student: “I don’t even know that much.”

Bhavana, IT professional
“I think only food products will become cheaper but it is all still a mystery. Every state has its own challenge so levying a central tax is probably not justified. But only time will tell.”

M Vijayashekhar, Director, Deepam Silks Retail Pvt Ltd
“GST will be beneficial to anyone who does business in a straightforward way. The prices of many things will come down. Now, we don’t know the tax we pay on a product because of different rates.”

Ashwin Kumar Student,
“The move will be very useful for people who are bearing too many indirect taxes on products right now.”

Samhitha Student, “I keep seeing this term in the news a lot but I don’t really know that much about it.” 

Nilay, Student, “I think it will benefit the rich people, things are going to be easier for them.”

Supreet Singh,  Student: “I have heard about the GST though I don’t know the full form. It is something by the Modi government and is starting on July 1.” 

Rakesh(Marketing professional) and Shiva (Student)
“We have no idea about the GST. I usually watch only sports channels,” says Rakesh.

(As told to Rajitha Menon)