Conjoined twins separated by doctors

Conjoined twins separated by doctors

“The sisters have been separated successfully and both are doing well. It took almost 13 hours to do the job,” Dr Sanjeev Bagai, CEO of Batra Hospital and Research Centre, said adding, “The reconstruction of the urinal passage and the rectum of one of the twins will be accomplished in some more time.”

Conducted by a team of 28 doctors and nursing staff at the Batra Hospital, the surgery started at 7 am. The twin sisters were born with congenital structural abnormalities and were joined in the waist with a common genital urinary and intestinal system.

Twins hail from Champaran

“Two surgical theatres were functioning simultaneously to accomplish the surgery,” Dr Bagai said. Doctors advised surgery for separation of the two sisters, who hail from Bhawanipur Kushwaha village of Bihar’s East Champaran district.

Give away rectum

After conducting an MRI and CAT Scan, doctors found that they have to give away the whole of the rectum and urinary passage to one and recreate the same in the case of the other.

Fusion of hip bone

As per the CAT Scan and MRI report, both sisters had a fusion of the hip bone, a common rectum, partial fusion at the end of the spinal cord, fusion of the upper part of the thigh and common lower genital urinary passage.

The team of multi-disciplinary doctors included paediatric surgeon Dr Arvind Sabbarwal, plastic surgeon Dr Rohit Nayar and orthopaedic surgeon Dr P P Singh, amongst others.