Jaipur says no liquor, cheergirls during games

The district collector had granted three IPL matches to the city on April 7th, 11th, and 14th on condition that there would be no scantily dressed cheer leaders and no liquor would be served inside the stadium during the matches.

RCA secretary Sanjay Dixit confirmed receiving the letter from the collector.
“He has granted permission on the condition that there will be no cheer girls and no liquor would be served inside the stadium. He has also instructed that DJ or fire crackers would not be allowed after 10 pm,” said Dixit.

The group of cheer girls has already reached Jaipur and had performed in a city hotel.
The moral brigade has long been gunning for banning the Cheer leaders and liquor because according to them it was not in accord with the Indian culture.

The Union Sports Minister MS Gill had openly criticised the IPL for indecent dances of the scantily dressed cheer girls and also serving liquor inside the stadium.

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