Germany's Alzmetall looking to partner Indian companies

Germany's Alzmetall looking to partner Indian companies

"We have been getting a lot of enquiries on partnerships. But, I hope we will sign at least with two companies this year in India,"  Alzmetall CEO Roland Llg said.

Roland, who was here along with 50 delegates of German Machine Tool Builders' Association to take part in a seminar on Machine Tools and Manufacturing Systems, said the company under its Indian arm, Empire Machine Tools India Ltd, caters to the needs of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL).

The company has a headcount of 310 in India. The company's production was hugely impacted by the global financial crisis, he said, adding it lost around 30 per cent of its businesses.

"We had an exponential growth of 69 per cent in 2008. But, due to the financial crisis our businesses got affected."

The company currently exports to Russia, US, Europe and Poland among other countries.
However, he was confident that the company, which exported its products to several countries, including Russia, US, Europe and Poland, would achieve its targeted turnover of 72 million Euros this year. "We reported a turnover of 72 million Euros in 2008. After the crisis, we hope we will reach the same target this year," he said.

"Russia is very much close to our location and of the total exports 25 per cent goes there," he said.