Team of a kind!

Team of a kind!

Team of a kind!
We’ve all heard the saying ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. This is a growing trend in the world of fitness also. Exercising is becoming a group activity and an increasing number of Bengalureans are being drawn to it.

“Exercises were very disorganised earlier. But now many organisers are steering ahead the concept in interesting ways. A bigger group works better economically too as personal trainers can be really expensive,” says Greshma Dhanarajan, a fitness enthusiast.

She practises and teaches ‘spinning’ in a group. “When one is exercising with groups, there is a better access to equipment,” she says.

“One can burn more calories when working as a group. Working in a group has other advantages too. One also learns how to stay away from injuries after seeing what happens around,” she says.
Working out with friends produces better results and is far more motivating, feels Vivek Shenai, a young professional who practises yoga, swimming and cycling. “Practising yoga in a group can be quite encouraging, One can follow a group and understand things from different levels. This also helps in self-improvement,” he says.

Vivek, who has a few friends who he works out with regularly, vouches that attending different classes introduces one to dynamic groups and new people. “Over a period, you make a large network too,” he adds.

Neera Katwal, a running coach, says, “I took up running because I saw other people doing it. Seeing others reach a goal can be motivating. This is what made me take up running seriously.”
It is also an opportunity to mingle with people of all age groups and mindsets. “It’s amazing to see youngsters in their 20s to businessmen in their 40s come together as a group. This variety also leads to an interesting social bonding,” she says.

Group sessions act as great stress relievers too, adds Neera.

Switching off from one’s personal life and stepping into a whole new world is another highlight of group exercising. Sahana Jagannath, a zumba enthusiast, observes that more the people around you, more the positive vibes.

“Even if you don’t feel like doing an activity, when you see your friends doing it, you feel like trying it out. Also, the way one can network is amazing. There are many people who connect at such platforms and stay friends forever,” says Sahana.

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