Cop-weary suspect seeks jail as haven

Cop-weary suspect seeks jail as haven

Throws chappal at judge for conviction

Cop-weary suspect seeks jail as haven

His motive for doing so? To be sentenced for a long jail term.
Apparently, 30-year old Mulla was tired of being arrested by police whenever a theft or burglary took place in the City.

Gol Gumbaz Police Station inspector Dyamannavar arrested him sometime in 2009 on charges of robbery. Accused of stealing gold ornaments worth 180 gm and selling them in Solapur, Mulla was lodged in the jail here prior to his trail.

During his stay in the jail, he spoke to some other inmates about police making him their first suspect in cases of robbery or theft.

One of  the inmates reportedly suggested to Mulla that the only way he could ensure an end to the police harassment was to get a long term imprisonment. The inmate further suggested to Mulla that if to get a long stint in jail he could throw his slipper at the judge in the open court.

Impressed by the advice, Mulla waited to be taken to the court for his trial and implemented the suggestion in the JMFC court hall. The slipper, however fell on the judge’s table.
Police present on the spot arrested Mulla, took him to the Gol Gumbaz Police Station and registered a case against him. 

Now it remains to be seen whether Mulla gets his wish of a long, serene, jail term free of police harassment.
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