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Out of office

Co-working spaces

Out of office

If working with new people in a informal setting seems like your idea of an ideal workplace, then co-working spaces are just the thing for you. With vibrant interiors and a comfortable working environment that is easy on the pocket, co-working spaces are here to stay now.

The trend, which has been in the city for quite some time, is has seen many small and large enterprises show interest in changing the conventional way of working. Some Bengalureans talk about this shift and how it is the next big thing in the professional world.

Ramesh Agarwal, Founder, Work Adda
"Co-working spaces are becoming immensely popular with smaller companies and startups. For startups, being new kids on the block, co-working spaces are easier in terms of managing the logistics, which leaves them with more time to focus on core areas. Co-working spaces enable people to have more interaction and make more friends and associates, doing away with the monotony associated with a traditional office."

Sidharth Menda, CEO, CoWrks
"We have been in operation for the last 10 months and we have seen that not just startups and small companies but even large enterprises too are drawn to the idea of co-working spaces. The earlier generation valued its privacy and believed in the system of a hierarchy at the work place. But today the professional world is dominated by millennials who thrive on the connection they have with people, which these co-working spaces are designed to foster. I believe co-working is a new way of working. It helps one to be more productive by letting them be themselves."

Ankit Sonthalia, Co-Founder and Director, SNEED.in
"This trend is here to stay. These spaces are quite easy on the pockets, especially for new businesses. I feel it is the smartest thing to do today. One can enjoy the same services that they would otherwise get in a traditional office space. The best thing is that there is a huge amount of unutilised area in the city and people are willing to convert them into these spaces. This shows that the awareness and adaptability of co-working spaces is increasing in metros and Tier 1 cities."

"These spaces allow one to work in a creative environment which is colourful and relaxed. They also have a low capital impact. The market is huge and people are open to this new way of working."

Karan Meher, founder of Wolfpack Workspace
"Today an individual doesn't want to stick to one kind of work but looks forward to different kinds of projects. The idea of freelancing is increasing and conventional employment, therefore, is reducing. Co-working spaces have come as a blessing to these freelancers, who don't have to look after the administrative aspects of a job. At a cost of Rs 7000, they get all the benefits of a big space. This trend is the next big thing and it is here to stay."