Tuck into authentic and spicy food from Andhra

Tuck into authentic and spicy food from Andhra

Appetising meal

Tuck into authentic and spicy food from Andhra

Variety: The Andhra spread.

Mirpkai, which means chilli, is a perfect name for this restaurant since the place serves traditional Andhra food. While many places claim to serve authentic regional food, Mirpkai stands true to its promise.

Started in February, this restaurant, opposite Koramangala Indoor Stadium, is a foodie’s delight. The speciality of the food lies in the fact that all the spices are brought from Andhra and prepared in the restaurant itself. “This is because we want to preserve the taste of home-made food,” says Murali Krishna, the proprietor.

One can start the meal with Nati chicken fry. The chicken is well fried in
spices all of which can be tasted in a bite.  Another great choice would be the chilli chicken, where the steamed chicken is cooked in a chilly gravy. This, eaten with steamed Tapioca, goes well as a appetiser too. Also make sure to have the Mirpkai special chicken, which is made with with cashewnut, coriander and green chillies.

Though it is not authentic Andhra food it can easily compete with the kebab. The main course has a variety of food but it’s best to try out the Andhra dishes here.
The thali has one vegetable, pappu (dal), vada gravy, sambhar, rasam and a special coconut chutney. The vada gravy, made out of cashwenuts, is delicious and not too spicy. It is served with the pickle made out of the Gongura leaf. The pickle which is green in colour is sour and spicy and makes for a perfect companion to the food in the thali.
The non-vegetarians should definitely try out the Nati Kodi Biryani.

Unique: Fried ice cream.Made from special rice, it is an authentic biryani and has just the right mix of masala to keep the taste of the chicken intact. Another must try is the Nellore chepala pulusu which is made out of Korameen fish brought specially from Nellore.

Based in a tomato gravy, it is one of the few really spicy items available and tastes like home-made fish curry, best had with steamed rice.  If you still have some space left in your stomach, go for the dessert. The vanilla ice cream with a layer of bread and nuts fried lightly makes a really appetising dessert and is presented beautifully along with cherries, pineapple and lemon. And it is in a sizable quantity, so make sure you have someone to share it with.