Power of auto suggestion


In this highly competitive and cut-throat world, there are indeed more things wrought from prayer than the world dreams about. Prayer is a thoroughly pure and sublime method of one multiplying one’s joys and dividing one’s sorrows by sharing them with this omniscient force called God much as one would share trials and tribulations with an earth-bound companion. Prayer is not only a great leveler, it also proves to be a cleansing tonic for the mind, a demystifier for the soul and a refreshment for the heart.

Since people of all ages, races, religions and castes can pray, prayer cuts across all barriers and obstacles rending the person who prays purer, comforted and ameliorated.
While technically prayer has been defined as a conversation with God, there is another almost equally powerful form of communication, which is autosuggestion. Like prayer, autosuggestion is a repetition of mantras ardently and sincerely with the difference being that while prayer always addresses a higher power or God, autosuggestion is a notch lower as it usually doesn’t address God but is simply used as a self motivator via its repetition of suitable and appropriate pursuits and goals.

How actually does autosuggestion help? Autosuggestion where one repeats mantras to motivate one’s self has been prescribed by several successful motivational speakers.
They aver that there is no such word as `IMPOSSIBLE’ and instead, it can be rewritten as, `I’M POSSIBLE’. Thus great thinkers use autosuggestion by constantly reinforcing the goal through repeating it to ones’ self silently yet with fiery determination and verve.
Autosuggestion hence serves in psyching and schooling one’s self to do the impossible. Thus, if one is confronted with the annual examination in a few days, one can repeat to one’s self suitable motivating words that will goad and drive one on. This hence eliminates nervousness associated with examinations besides helping the candidate become more confident and determined. 

Indeed, autosuggestion is one of the most beneficial methods of achieving life’s goals using one’s mind.

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