Servion aims to double revenues

Servion aims to double revenues

Servion aims to double revenues

Servion Global Solutions, which works in the customer experience management (CEM) domain, aims to double its revenues from the present $100 million, in the next three years. It also plans to hire more people.

“Close to 1,000 people are working in India, and in the last four months alone, we have hired 200 people. We will continue hiring aggressively in coming months,” Servion CEO Sameet Gupte said, adding that they are growing at 20%.

The platforms led solution provider manages over 10 billion customer interactions annually across 60 countries in six continents. It has corporate offices and delivery centres across US, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

“We have evolved from a single channel (voice) interaction with customers to different types of channels like video, chat, email and so on. We are focused on enhancing our customer experience, and compared to two decades ago, infrastructure has changed a lot now,” Gupte said.

“Globally, we have close to 636 clients and from India alone we have 200. Our largest clients are from financial services, followed by telcos and the government. There is so much good talent here. We will continue investing in Research and Development to enhance our offerings,” he said.

Talking about automation and how financial services are moving towards it, Gupte said one has to look at back-end system and upgrade it before onboarding new technology and services.

There are many FinTech startups that try to solve specific problems in the financial services sector. When asked whether the company is looking at acquiring such startups, Gupte said they are open to acquisition.